Region J Coastal Healthcare Coalition Maintenance Work Group

Friday, April 12, 2024

The Region J Coalition Executive group has always considered maintenance personnel as “unsung heroes”.  When equipment breaks, who do they call?  When the TJC comes in and now they need something moved, who do they call?  I think you get my point.  Maintenance personnel are a valuable asset to any organization during duty and disastrous events.


Jimmy Gordon, HCC and Hunter McCall, Facility Director, created the Region J Coastal Healthcare Coalition Maintenance Work Group.  The coalition wanted to provide additional training and educational opportunities to help improve job knowledge around emergency preparedness. 


The Region J Coastal Healthcare Coalition Maintenance Work Group is made up of facility and plant operations personnel. The group was developed to provide educational support for each member and to promote connectivity amongst the different health care specialty groups in the region. Emergency management (EM) and physical environment of care (EOC) duties works hand in hand as the emergency management plan relies heavily on Plant Ops personnel to ensure that the plan is executed. Hunter states…“my involvement in this group is to promote other plant ops personnel to join the group and help answer any questions related to EM and EOC during an emergency situation. Being a voice for Plant Ops is very important to me because I know how important it is to have support from leadership and the Region”.


12 members of the group completed the DNV Certified Healthcare Operations Professional Course (CHOP-B) in February 2024.   We are hoping to host more future meetings, trainings and networking opportunities.