Highlighting Region D

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Region D has been highlighted this month for what they have accomplished so far and the exciting things that they have coming up this year, such as:

  • New¬†CHOA Arthur Blank Hospital will be opening Fall 2024
  • Deployed Plum Cases to Emory Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) and Atlanta-Fulton County EMA (AFCEMA)
  • Held 11 training classes (ABLS, TECC, WPV, CISM: Peer Support, CISM: Group, CISM: Suicide Awareness) with over 220+ attendees
  • Sponsored 35+ attendees for EMAG conference in 2023 and will do the same in 2024
  • Hosted region-wide burn/pediatric/radiation tabletop exercise
  • In-person coalition meeting attendance has risen ~38% in the last year
  • Gwinnett County Fire Service brought their Mobile Ambulance Bus to quarterly coalition meeting for all attendees to tour