Region C Healthcare Coalition

Serving the following counties

  • Bartow

  • Carroll

  • Chattooga

  • Coweta

  • Floyd

  • Haralson

  • Heard

  • Polk

  • Region C Healthcare Coalition

      Region C Healthcare Preparedness & Safety Coalition


    Region C is an expansive network of healthcare, medical, local, and state disciplines to promote mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery during any type of disaster. We take an all-hazards approach, covering emerging infectious diseases to active threats, however, our main goal is to facilitate a sense of community throughout our region so any facility can request help when needed. At Region C, we understand it’s difficult to have to think about responding during the worst-case scenario, but with our knowledge and support, every facility has an opportunity to thrive.

    ​Floyd Emergency Management collaborates with community, regional, state, and national partners to strengthen our relationships through planning and mitigation. The focus is to improve the response and recovery during an emergency by having a multi-agency coordinated command. We provide training, education, exercises, and drills throughout our community and within our facilities. Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who oversee the Emergency Program at all levels of Atrium Health Floyd. The goal is to share best practices and knowledge to all teammates so we can better prepare ourselves for the futures unknown.

    Brittany Holcomb

    Healthcare Coalition Coordinator

    Brenda Shields

    Healthcare Coalition Facilitator

    Dawn May

    Healthcare Coalition Facilitator